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Although depression is in many ways a non-measurable symptom, it does occur in many patients who have TMJ. Usually depression occurs because patients are unable to get any type of relief from their symptoms. This is often because their symptoms are misdiagnosed. A study at the University of Buffalo (see Headache Research) found that a large number of headache sufferers symptoms were the result of TMJ problems. Research has shown that patients who suffer from chronic pain have a much higher incidence of depression. It is believed that these chronic pain sufferers have chemical changes in the brain which can cause depression. Many patients with TMJ fall into this category.
Depression from TMJ

Since TMJ can cause a variety of symptoms, some patients will need to be treated by more than one type of specialist. Sometimes the work done using neuromuscular dentistry is sufficient to relieve the chronic pain. Other patients may need to see a chiropractor or other physician to treat various other symptoms. It is important to realized that often just finding the correct diagnosis can lead to great psychological as well as physical relief.